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Too many heavenly blessings to use up

Recently, while attending an academic event in Germany, I watched a TV programme about the German police. It was about policemen who wanted to arrest a man because he tried to force his wife and children to beg on the street. No, they weren’t poor; they had to beg so that he could pay off his luxury German sportscar. Really!! The worst was that this man felt he did nothing wrong. After all, his family travelled in style to their begging stations! Ouch! What people wouldn’t do for property and luxury. May the Lord protect us against such greediness. May He teach us to be happy with the little we have and be glad about the grace we receive in abundance from His hand. May He teach us to count our blessings over and over and to enjoy the daily bread we receive from Him. Because we have enough! God provided for our tables once again. Wait, we have more than enough for today. We are showered in heavenly blessings, too many to count, too many to use up.

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