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Forget about spiritual 'masterchefs'

Luke 10:38–42 tells how Jesus stayed with Martha and Mary. While He was teaching people there, Martha realised that her sister, Mary, wasn't pulling her weight in the kitchen. Martha dearly wanted to become the first Christian Michelin-starred chef by serving an amazing feast for Jesus. But there Mary was, sitting idly at Jesus' feet! Martha lost her temper and immediately complained to Jesus about her sister's behaviour. Did it not bother Him she had to cook alone while Mary was sitting calmly at His feet? She got the answer of a lifetime. Jesus told Martha that she was worried about many things, but that only one really mattered. Listen up, not ten things – only one. And Mary chose that one thing – to sit at Jesus' feet. Only that. At His feet, living water is found. From Him comes words that give life. The Masterchef Marthas of today still have to learn from the Learning Marys that rest is found at Jesus' feet. You and me too. It isn't about being a spiritual Masterchef, but rather about being learning disciples.

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