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Tom Price by Learning Community in April 2016

One of the biggest obstacles and challenges for Christians in South Africa is the relationship with culture. Must we ignore, engage or help to create culture? One of the biggest culture shaping mediums today, is Hollywood and the film industry. Tom Price is going to talk with us during this Learning Community on how to watch a movie and talk about God.

Tom Price has had an interesting journey of faith and became a follower of Jesus after studying movies at the London School of Film where Christipher Nolan (creator of the Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception and Interstellar) studied. He is currently busy with a PhD at Oxford University in Missiology where he specializes in presenting the gospel of Jesus through the language of culture and especially popular films.

Tom Price is an Academic Tutor at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and an apologist for RZIM. He studied Philosophy at university and later completed an MA in Christian Apologetics. Tom was previously the Founding Editor of UCCF’s website Tom is interested in worldview, culture, theology, missiology, apologetics and philosophy of religion broadly. He is passionate about mission that engages with where people really are and the serious questions and objections they have about religious beliefs.

Read more about Tom Price here.

Our speaker for the day: Tom Price [entire day in English]

For more detail or any other inquiries, please contact Pierre Engelbrecht ( or Roedolf Botha (

This opportunity will represent 5 VBO points.

Where:Mosaïek Church, 1 Daniel Street, Fairlands, Johannesburg.

When: 18 April 2016.

Time: 9:00 - 15:00.

Cost: R300pp (includes coffee, tea and lunch).

Theme: Engaging Culture: How to watch a movie and talk about God

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