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Look behind the scenes – Jesus is in action there!

“Talita koemi” – these are the famous Aramaic words of Jesus when He woke a little girl from the dead. Mark 5:41 translates this expression in Greek as follows: “Young lady, I say to you, stand up!” The word “talita” is also a term for lamb in Aramaic. It tells us something about Jesus’ compassion for a family who lost their child. His words, but also his powerful action of breaking open death and giving them back their child, shows that his heart is overflowing with compassion. It also shows that Jesus isn’t an attention-seeker trying to show off in front of his thousands of followers. Only three of His disciples are allowed to bear witness to this tragic event. They are the eyewitnesses that Jesus is stronger than death, but that He is also merciful and humble. In life and in death He is with us. Even behind the scenes, or perhaps specifically there, Jesus is busy working. There He cares for the weak, the suffering, the lonely and people in need. Find Him there.

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