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To be a beloved of God

“I am successful, powerful, handsome, happy.” These are the words that the main character in the film Evan Almighty regularly repeats to himself in front of the mirror. Such words are typical of a world where people’s self-worth is determined by what they and other people think of success and appearance. Social media makes this self-love even worse, because here you can constantly remind everyone of how successful, famous and cute you really are through your latest photos and updates. Fact is, if you don’t know deep inside yourself that you are a beloved of God, such language and social media brag sessions will never be enough. In God’s eyes you have really big value. He knows you by your name. The good Shepard calls you His because you believe in Him. He knows you as one of His children, not as a failure or a self-made success. You don’t have to comply with endless achievement clauses to win God’s favour or get His attention. The cross of Jesus tells us that everything is already sorted out. Your debt is paid. You are good enough. You are loved there where it always matters.

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