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If you live for the recognition of other, you will lose the recognition of God along the way. Jesus said in Matthew 10:32 – 33 that you should choose whose recognition you want in life: that of God or of people. Listen – you should deliberately choose this. You can’t have both God and people at the same time! Think for a moment about the advantages that people can offer you. Many of them will only entertain you for a short while. Then everything is over and done with. Tomorrow this time you will be yesterday’s old news in many people’s lives. But remember also that when God takes note of your life in the right ways, it leads to an eternal place by His feet. God will also ensure that each hair on your head is counted from today onwards. He never pushes His people away, not here and also not on the other side of death. Renew your choice to live in God’s grace today. Live for an audience of One. Then your life is good and wise.

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