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Don’t leave the Bible “solus”

Too many people say: “Sola Scriptura,” the Scriptures alone, and yet it remains a closed book to them. They leave the Bible “solus” and alone until they need an answer, and only then the Bible is quickly taken from its dusty shelf. Then they need “Scripture”. Then God must be ready with an instant answer. The same thing happens when churches have to know exactly what the Bible says about anything from sexuality to land reform. In this way the Bible is diluted to a “go-to” book in which answers to crises or theological questions are found when needed. This is not the main purpose of the Bible. The Bible is God’s Book of Life for His people. It is both and Itinerary and a Book of Life, not an FAQ manual or a Big Book of Verses! We live from the Word and need to know all the Bible books. We arrange our lives around the truths that we find in the stories of Mark, Luke and Acts. We build our lives on the truths of Proverbs, Jeremiah of Revelation. We eat and ponder over the Word day and night. It is the light for our feet and the lamp on our way.

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