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Share your faith instead of your worries

“May I share my worry with you?” We often hear such words, because people love to share their problems. And let’s not even mention their gripes and grudges. Give some people only half a chance, and they will dish up their entire worldview. Worst of all – they have reason to do so, because bad news is everywhere these days. This is why some frown upon those who still have hope for our country. Or when you don’t contribute a few burning coals to their fire of fury. Well, don’t! Rather share your faith with others, not your problems. Share you hope in Christ instead of your despair about life. Know that your faith in the Lord gives your life a different texture, one that goes hand in hand with the Lord’s peace and hope. No, it doesn’t make you deaf and blind to the world’s suffering. Faith isn’t a magic wand that provides quick fixes. Faith is rather knowing the God of all hope. It is believing in Him despite what is happening around you. And following Him obediently. Such faith makes a world of difference!

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