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God’s will is not a ready-to-use supply of orange flowers!

A contestant in a reality programme on TV said she asked God for a sign. She asked that God allow a man to give her an orange flower during the series so that she will know he is the one for her. The man was stunned when she revealed this in his presence. I must admit, I also found it strange. Shrinking God’s will of heaven and earth into a little orange flower is indeed strange! “But Gideon used a sheep skin in Judges 6,” someone would like to say. “Well, Judges 6 isn’t given as a prescript for us to randomly lay down ‘sheep skins’ and expect God to stand ready with answers,” I would answer. Besides, Gideon didn’t have a complete Bible like we do. We have 66 Bible books that we should use with extreme responsibility when we seek God’s will. We also received a working mind from the Lord that we can use to think for ourselves! If we don’t, we end up reducing God to little orange flowers and silly plans.

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