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No slave to social media

A few years ago, Essena O’Neill was an Instagram sensation. With more than 500 000 followers and a quarter of a million subscribers on Youtube, the world was her oyster. At the age of 18 Essena was super rich. But then she ended her social media life. “The addiction of being liked” made her deeply unhappy. Social media became her identity. Many people think Essena lived a fairy-tale life. But she realised that she had no identity left. “I didn’t even know who I was without social media.” Luckily Essena came to her senses. Don’t step in the same trap. Social media is fast becoming a modern idol. It dominates the lives of millions of people, but never deliver the dividends they were hoping for. It doesn’t make people less or more popular. Idols are still what they always were – poor substitutes for God. They promise life but give only death. It promises freedom but brings new addictions. Serve the living God, not idols. No, you don’t have to ban social media from your life completely, you only need to break its grip on your life in the Name of the Lord.

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