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Doubt is not compulsory

Our society is drenched in doubt. Everyone is suspicious of everyone else. Crime, corruption, politics... It all makes people question those around them. Some people even quote Jeremiah 17:5 or Psalm 146 that says we shouldn’t trust others. Wait! When the Bible tells us not to put our trust in princes, it has nothing to do with the doubt that is spreading like a wildfire through our country right now! Biblical statements that we shouldn’t trust in the powerful and strong are always used in the context of salvation. In such situations, only God can help. He alone saves people from death and destruction. Such statements in the Bible want to address misplaced trust in the power and abilities of people. The Bible forbids us to view individuals as messianic figures. Only God is our Saviour, not people! But this doesn’t mean that we should distrust all people. Trust is one of the building blocks of neighbourly love. God’s love is built on open relationships with people – also those who differ from us. Christ’s love helps us to believe, hope and expect the best of others.

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