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There are no “misfits” before the Lord

“Somebody is born. Somebody goes to school. Somebody learns to conform. Somebody types a CV. Somebody gets a job. Somebody follows orders. Somebody gets a golden watch. And then, eventually, Somebody dies. And, a Nobody is buried.” This is Mokokoma Mokhoana’s short poem with the title “The Confessions of a Misfit”. The fear of mediocrity hounds many people. No one wants to be a misfit. No one wants to live or die as a “nobody”. And no one has to. One thing the Bible teaches us time and again is that every person on earth is precious to God. We are not simply numbers on an impersonal list. We are not simply part of the faceless masses of people on the planet. God created us in His own image. And He sent Jesus to recreate us in glory when our sinful nature overcame us. Our lives are big before God. Forever! We are not misfits. We are valuable to Him. Just look at how He loves us: He calls us “Children of God”. And that is precisely what we are (1 John 3:1).

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