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Prayer doesn’t close, it opens

“Will someone close in prayer?” Have you heard these words before? Prayer actually does the opposite, if I’m not mistaken. Honest prayer opens, it never closes. It unlocks the doors to God’s treasure rooms. Prayer is to fall down in front of God in awe. It is to rejoice in His majesty. Prayer is to sing before the Lord. Prayer isn’t simply sending a few appropriate words in His direction at the start or end of a meeting or service. When we pray, we step onto God’s terrain with reverence. It is to wait on the Lord, quietly and full of awe, until He has mercy on us. Our public prayers should also comply to these rules. It isn’t simply an appropriate act in the “right place” during events. Even when we pray at the start or end of an event, it isn’t simply the right thing to do. Prayer is an honest conversation with our Father in heaven. Then we bow in holy reverence before Him in the Name of Christ.

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