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Naked cross, empty grave!

Jesus’ path on earth ended on the cross. His unmasking of religious people’s “fakeness” and his caring for sinners made Him very unpopular in powerful circles. Yet Jesus’ radical message of God’s kingdom deeply touched the hearts of sinners, the lost and those on the side-lines. This upset the elite tremendously. They decided to silence him once and for all. Jesus had to be forcefully removed from the scene. No, it wasn’t the local mafia or drug lords who took this decision; it was a “bunch of jolly good folks” who signed off on Jesus’ crucifixion. But even the cross on Golgotha couldn’t silence Jesus. His love for God’s favourite people who were lost in the desert of hopelessness and were caught in traps of sin, couldn’t be extinguished by death on a cross. That is why there is an empty grave beyond the cross. When Jesus gave His soul to His Father, it wasn’t His last breath. Jesus conquered death. He broke open the gates of Hell. Jesus is the Lord. All powers on earth and in heaven are now His. Praise His name!

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