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We are not slaves to unhealthy desires

Intimacy is one of God’s gives to us all. Intimacy between marriage partners grow from respect, trust, communication and a healthy sexuality. Talking about the latter – the virus of pornographic addiction is a huge threat to any form of healthy intimacy. It lowers people to mere objects of sexual desire. Sexuality without boundaries with immediate self-gratification as the only aim, is self-destructive. It changes people into victims of their own destructive desires. God made us free, but His freedom is never without healthy boundaries. We are only free within the boundaries of His Word. Within these safe lanes love for God blooms, as well as respect for each other as creations of God. Our identities are luckily not determined by our sexuality alone. Jesus explains this in Matthew 19 when He says that some chose to forego marriage for the sake of God’s kingdom. Unmarried believers who find freedom in God are equally happy and worthy ambassadors of God as married believers. Our identities are rooted in Christ. In Him we find an intimate relationship with God, as well as intimacy in our marriages and healthy intimacy in all our friendships.

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