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We don't live on fake news

Social media is a breeding ground for 'fake news'. Just about anything, from stories about local politicians to the death of Hollywood stars, is circulated on social media platforms and believed by millions. Don't play along. You and I were called to higher standards than believing everything the Internet dishes up or to contribute to the distribution of such nonsense. As followers of Jesus it is our calling to take the route in 1 Corinthians 13 seriously – by expecting and believing the best of others. Even the legal principle requires that facts should be proven before someone can be found guilty. We have an even bigger responsibility, as believers in the Lord and as people who consider neighbourly love as the core of God's will, to believe the best of others. It is, after all, what God does with us. Time after time he believes the best about us. Even when we disappoint Him, he wipes the slate clean and starts all over again. Therefore, we should always check the facts before we talk, 'share' or 'tweet'.

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