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Taste, see and serve!

We should always take the Lord with us when we reflect on past sins, disappointments and hurt, as David did in Psalm 34 when he revisited the dark time of his life described in Samuel 21. In his flight from Saul, David visited the priest Ahimelek under false pretences. He then fled to the city of Gath, where he pretended to be insane in front of king Achish. Later, David faced this dark time in Psalm 34, but he invited the Lord with him. During this process David saw how the Lord saved him as weakling from danger. He never let go of David's hand, even though David nearly let go of His. David also invites us in Psalm 34 to taste and see that God is good. And to serve Him. Taste, see and serve – this is the Lords path if we look back on our own past in the right way. Then we'll also see how God saved us and how He let us taste his goodness. Taste, see, serve! All our senses are stirred when we live our lives to the glory of God.

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