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Avoid the FFF lifestyle

There is bad fear and healthy fear. We need healthy fear for things like wild animals, electrical wires, firearms, poisonous substances, et cetera. Without this fear, we would never survive. But unhealthy fear constantly forces our bodies into the FFF condition (fight, flight or freeze). Of course, there are times where we have to FFF, but when we permanently camp out in this region, we poison ourselves with negative emotions and behaviour. We must never become slaves of fear. God daily arrives in the midst of such fear and uncertainty with the words: 'Do not be afraid, I am here!' Again and again He assures us of His presence when fear and other negative events threaten to engulf us. Being close to Him calms our stormy hearts. But God also loves to use friends and experts to help us with these irrational fears in our lives. Use the advice and help these people offer. Don't bury yourself in your own FFF. It isn't safe there. Being close to Jesus is where your safety and comfort lies.

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