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It is never too late to have a great childhood

When Jesus talks about God in the Gospel of John, He often calls God Father. He also talks about His wonderful childhood in his Eternal Home. In John 5 Jesus tells the angry Jewish leaders who are angry at Him for calling Himself equal to God that His Father loves Him and shows Him everything He does. There, in the eternal home of His Father, Jesus learned about love, life and salvation. He then chose to come to earth to show His Father's heart to all of us. Just like the Father, Jesus is now the true light in the dark. He is also bread for the hungry. Jesus also says that everyone who follows Him will have a place in His Father's spacious heavenly home. Jesus invites us into the safe space of His eternal family. He allows us to share in all the privileges of His family, where love and life wins. Therefore, it is never too late to have a great childhood – Jesus' type. We can have a wonderful 'homecoming'. And as an added bonus, we can talk about our childhood in the present tense!

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