• Stephan Joubert

The Lord's kind of success

God understands success in a different way. He measures it against my love for Him and others. How I see and treat others are important markers of my own success in God's eyes. Practically, it means the following:

  1. My success is never equal to your failure. And your failure is never my victory. I'm really happy when you experience success because I always believe and hope the best for you, as 1 Corinthians 13 teaches. I never win at your expense; I share in your victory. I never force myself onto your shoulders. But I'll gladly lift you onto mine!

  2. I never compare my best to your worst. Perhaps I can do a thing or two you haven't mastered yet. But I never compare it to your shortcomings. I know God doesn't like such comparisons. It also applies to you. I therefore stop all unfair comparisons with you.

  3. I give credit to the beautiful things I notice in your life. I'm not an expert in all the things that you do wrong, but rather a connoisseur of God's grace. I give recognition where it is due. No, I won't simply flatter you, but will build you up by talking about the fruit that God grows into your life. I also say good things about you when I talk to others, as the New Testament teaches me. In this way, both of us win to the glory of God. This is how success happens in our field.