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Full-time or part-time for God?

Back in the day, when I was still teaching full-time, I sometimes asked first-year students why they decided to study theology. They often answered that they want to work for God full-time. My next question often bowled them over: Which shifts did you work for God up until now? This misunderstanding that only those who receive payment for working for God can be in His service full-time, is still very common. It is a huge mistake, because all believers, housewives and church leaders, teachers and artisans, the elderly and children, are full-time employees of God. Our careers don't determine our 'office hours' in God's service. We were all called to serve Him 24/7. Different believers have different responsibilities in His service, but we all share one and the same calling. We were all called to follow Jesus full-time. We were called to praise His name and live for Him at all times. We are all full-time disciples with different job descriptions. Let's report for duty full-time and forget about working for God in shifts.

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