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Disciples are living verbs

Disciples are Jesus' fulltime followers. Growth and change are their staple foods. They have no appetite for cold facts and lifeless rituals. Disciples of the Lord allow Him to continuously chisel, hammer, saw and trim at them. While others only pray, disciples are already part of the answer to their own prayers. They don't just pray, they also do. They don't just hope, they also give expression to their expectations in God's name. They walk their talk. They constantly give expression to their thoughts about how to glorify God. They don't only sing about their faith, they also live it. Their love for the Lord rubs off onto their hearts, words and lives. Disciples of Jesus' fingerprints always show something of God's compassion. In their footprints the proper directions to God's eternal city can be found. The hungry find bread with them. The broken find a plaster or two. Jesus' heavenly light shines a bit brighter every day everywhere His disciples go. Their faith happens fulltime. Their love for God is constant, as is their caring for other people.

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