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What is your soul worth?

I recently saw yet another article on 'the ten most beautiful people in the world' in a magazine, and it made me wonder why people have such an obsession with such things. If it isn't the ten most beautiful, it's the ten richest people who are celebrated by one magazine or another. Or the ten most successful. But perhaps it shouldn't surprise me that much. It has always been this way. Since the first two people in paradise wanted God's throne to themselves and didn't want to bow before Him, we have been in love with fame. Power, fame, influence – these things matter in the world. Well, not for long. Today's stars fade tomorrow. Today's powerhouses are replaced by new competitors before breakfast tomorrow. What does it help to win the whole world, but damage destroy your soul? This is what Jesus asks in Matthew 10. What does it help to sacrifice your eternal soul for a few moments of glory? Don't be a fool! Don't trade your soul for a pot of lentil soup! Entrust your life to the living God every day. In His hands you have eternal value.

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