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Notice God’s kindness

Why are we so keen to notice problems? Why are most people, whether they live here in South Africa or abroad, equally focused on problems? In a short study that was published in the USA in June, Dan Gilbert, a Harvard professor, gives his view on this thorny issue. According to his study, when certain problems disappear, people tend to exaggerate other existing problems. Small pebbles become boulders. The better a situation is, the more people criticise it. This is why few of us ever notice progress. We are fault finders – at church, at work, at home. This is also the reason why the church is so full of “moaners”. We all need God’s vision – the type of vision that lets us see His goodness first. If we do this, we will be less critical. Let’s do it! Let’s notice every positive detail around us. Let’s thank God for this as 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 teaches us.

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