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Dare to do new things for the Lord

In the middle of the winter of April 1626 the famous scholar, Francis Bacon, rode in a carriage with the king’s physician in Highgate, north of London. He suddenly had an idea: “What if one could preserve raw meat with ice? Wouldn’t it stay fresh for longer?” Bacon was so excited about this that he stopped the carriage and convinced a local woman to slaughter a chicken then and there. He then covered it with ice. Unfortunately, his plan backfired on him. Bacon contracted pneumonia and died a few days later. It was only in 1924 that Clarence Birdeye managed to develop a commercially marketable freezer. News ideas are hard to implement. The same happens with faith. Who would ever have believed that Abraham’s new route in following the Lord at the age of 75 would change the entire world? Or Martin Luther’s paper on a church door on 31 October 1517? But this is the way in which God works. Such brave individuals move the entire world in His Name. Join this small group. Dare to start a new ministry, a fresh Bible study, or an outreach. Just do something! Good intentions are never enough.

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