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Hasty hearts = empty hearts

Some people have hasty hearts. Their hearts beat at more than 150 beats per minute from dawn till dusk because they always live above the speed limit. There is never time to sit still. There is always another business transaction, another meeting, another urgent appointment on their agenda. Hasty-hearted people organise and regulate everything and everyone in their lives according to their own strict diaries. Everyone’s value is determined according to this. Unimportant people like you and me are simply in their way. Hasty hearts are actually also empty hearts. There is nothing of eternal value in the hearts of these people. They don’t have any deep-seated joy.

Jesus often dealt with such people. He describes the tragic destination of these people when He asks what the use is of winning the whole world but harming your soul in the process (Matthew 10). Don’t make the same mistake. Let Jesus replace your heart with His. It is the only cure. Let Him exchange your empty, hurried heart for His own loving heart. Then you will have space for God’s grace. Then you will also have enough time for Him, as well as for “normal” things and people.

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