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Tell me a report?

“Tell me a report.” Have you ever heard a child say something like this? If you are a parent, you’ll know that children love listening to stories. Not teachings or formulas. They want to hear stories about heroes who outwit the bad guys and save innocent people. If I’m not mistaken, grownups like stories too. No wonder stories are the most important text type in the Bible! God teaches His biggest lessons in the form of stories. He is the biggest Storymaker and Storyteller of all time. Jesus is the living Main Character in all His important stories. What’s more, the Holy Spirit rewrites it specially onto His children’s hearts. While others are eagerly spreading the latest stories of despair, corruption and violence, we should become connoisseurs of God’s acts of mercy in the world. We should allow the Spirit to once again make the words in 2 Corinthians 3 true and have God’s top stories about Jesus engraved onto our hearts. We should ensure that we become living letters of Christ, written in His blood through the work of the Spirit. Then we become reader-friendly. Then others will want to hear and live our stories too.

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