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What use is religion if you don’t cross the road?

Bad people get the upper hand when good people do nothing. It’s one thing to be upset about corruption and poverty, but addressing it is quite another story. Looking on passively when foolishness and sin win, and simply ‘being against’ it, won’t help. It is only when you cross the road with the Samaritan in Jesus’ parable in Luke 10 to help the man that was attacked by robbers, that a little piece of the world will change. Only when you make the effort to help someone who was knocked over by life, does God’s kingdom become visible. What use is your religion anyway if your hands aren’t stained by the suffering of life? What good is piousness if you don’t kneel before God to plead for the people He brought into your life? Make sure your faith arrives in the real life today. If you don’t, your faith remains purely theoretical. Then it becomes a bookshelf religion. Then it gathers dust. The Lord wants to dust you off and set you in motion. Go and learn from the Samaritan how it should be done.

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