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Here and now and forever

At one time or another, the 'other side' piques the interest of those of us who live on 'this side'. When someone close to us dies, we often want to know what it will be like on the other side in the valley of death. Well, the good news is that Jesus walked right through that valley and came out alive on the other side. Death wasn't strong enough to hold Him. Jesus called death's bluff. The biggest enemy on this side of the grave lost its sting. Jesus now holds the keys to death in His hands, as He says in Revelation 1:17-18. Life always wins in His presence, even if our own hourglass runs out on this side. Hope triumphs everywhere Jesus is. He floods the deserts of hopelessness with new life. The pain and suffering of this life cannot extinguish the new hope that Jesus planted in our hearts. We live with Jesus, here, now and forever. Knowing Him as Lord for eternity starts right now.

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