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At the feet of the biggest Storymaker in the universe

While reading the new book by master storyteller Don Miller (Building a Storybrand), I think to myself how God has always been the biggest Storymaker and Storyteller in the entire universe. He shared His stories of creation and redemption with us in the Bible. The Bible is the Lord's official Storybook. It is His official Autobiography. The Bible is God's Self-revelation to us, and it is mostly in story form. In this Book the Lord needed a macro-story covering two testaments to reveal Himself to us. From Genesis to Revelation, the Lord's heart is revealed in story upon story, but it is shown the clearest at the cross and resurrection of Jesus. It is here that we experience His love in full colour. Here we find the most gripping and the clearest stories ever about God's character. These stories should live in our hearts. We should model our lives according to the Bible's master stories. Our own life stories should be based on the Lord's life-changing stories and His presence. If we don't we're only reading bed-time stories.

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