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'Carpe diem' and 'carpe manana' in God's Name

They say the life expectancy of Westerners is currently about 70 years. That's about 25 550 days. How many of these have you completed? Do the math. How many days did you really 'carpe diem' or seize? Meaning, how many days did you really make the most of? For how many days did you really warm God's heart because you walked close to Him? How often were you a blessing for others? How many of your days were wasted? Well, it's not too late to do something about it. You have at least today, and perhaps a few more days beyond today's horizon. Today, when you hear God's voice, you can't play deaf. Care for someone today. Carry someone's burden. Share Jesus' Good News with someone. Then today will be a 'properly lived' day. Then it becomes a day that will register in God's eternal diary. Then you can also begin to 'carpe manana'. Then you can look ahead to tomorrow and grab it today already to the glory of God.

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