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We serve ourselves into others' lives

Let's be honest: our lives don't always go as planned. So, we have to master the art of changing such unplanned moments into Godly moments. And to continuously shroud our planned moments in God's glory. We shouldn't wait for a heavenly trumpet-blow to shock us into action for God. We should daily be on the lookout for those special moments in which to make a difference in someone's life. Or we should simply create them. We really don't have to wait until someone asks for our help. We should allow the Spirit to fine-tune us to the spiritual and physical need of others. Then we should offer our services humbly and with the necessary compassion. No, we never force ourselves unto others, but we serve ourselves into their lives in the Name of Christ. We can't go to bed at night without at least one caring moment somewhere in our day. A handshake, a prayer, a few cents, a word of encouragement – this is how we change our own and others' lives into Godly moments. Let us be people who pave the world with heavenly hope, faith and love.

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