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Generosity isn't only for the rich, it's for me too

At some stage the idea stuck in my head that I needed extra money before I could give it away or contribute to God's work. Maybe it happened when the deacon came to collect money at our house when I was a child. I once asked him if I'm allowed to give a few cents. My dad and the deacon laughed and then continued with their conversation. But we all have something to share with others. Even those with only two sets of clothes have one set to share, says John the Baptist in Luke 3. Generosity isn't linked to how much or how little you own. Generosity is firstly a matter of the heart. If God touched you heart to live generously, then you won't cling to your belongings as if your life depended on it. Then your heart and hands will be open. Then you will give. You will give yourself. You will give your time. You will give your attention. You will give your talents. You will give your rands, and your cents. You will share your resources. You will give your heart.

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