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They murdered my Lord!

Why was Jesus murdered? And why did He suffer such a terrible death on the cross? The answer is simple: He was too big a threat for the religious and political 'establishment'. Jesus challenged the prevailing religious system of the day too much. He brought their sins into the light and gave life to ordinary people. His transgressions on the Sabbath, His disobedience to cleanliness rituals; His shocking parables, et cetera, were simply too much for them. His voice had to be silenced immediately. Jesus had to be violently removed from the scene. This is why those in power worked together to crucify Him. And yet, even in the brutality of His crucifixion, God's light shone in the darkness. On the cross, Jesus accomplished the biggest change in history. There He made our sins His. There he exchanged places with every one of us who knows Him as Lord and proclaims it. The cross is simultaneously the place of death, and life. It is the place of tears, and comfort. It is also the place where Jesus won over death. He rose from the dead. He lives!

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