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God pays to look away

We mess up. We lose our way. We disappoint people. And we disappoint God too. Wait! Stop! Is He really as disappointed in us as we think? No! God doesn’t ignore our mess-ups, but He paid a very hefty price in order to not have to be reminded of it all the time. Jesus’ sacrifice was the price. Christ Himself lets God look away from everything we do wrong if we cling to Him. Jesus makes sure that God doesn’t want to punish us, but rather forgive us. Jesus makes sure that God sees us with mercy, and not in terms of our trespasses. Every time we arrive at God’s feet with another heavy load of sin, we can expect this mercy if we beg Christ for it. Then we can walk away with our hands full of forgiveness, and with the promise to glorify His name in everything that we think, say and do. Heavenly mercy is our driving force to give our utmost for the Most High. No, mercy doesn’t allow us to wallow in sin; it lets us live for God even more. It is how we say sorry and thank you.

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