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Are you a sheep?

If you ask people what their favourite psalm is, nine out of ten will probably say Psalm 23. Strangely, though, it is only a favourite without having any other effect on their lives. The words of Psalm 23 never reach their lips. I mean, how many people have you heard saying “The Lord is my Shepherd” this past week? We say many things about God, for example that He is in control, that He is almighty, et cetera, but few of us ever say that God is our Shepherd. It is even more unlikely to hear someone say he or she is a sheep. It simply sounds weird. We as Christians would rather be warriors or brave fighters. But sheep? Never! And yet the Lord can only be our Shepherd if we are willing to be His sheep. Sheep are weak and defenceless. They can’t look after themselves, unlike many predators who can. Sheep need a shepherd. You and me too.

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