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Rude honesty is out

“Excuse me, but I’m a frank person,” someone said to a friend of mine. “No, not really,” he answered immediately, “because if you were, you wouldn’t excuse yourself first.” Some people hide behind a mask of frankness to say whatever they want to say. And also how they want to say it, because they feel they have to be honest. But it isn’t wise to say what you want to, when you want to – at least not in God’s eyes! He expects us to have a permanent guard in front of our mouths, a heavenly one. We learn this in Psalm 141. Proverbs 13:3 and 21:33 say we have to close our mouths to protect our souls and save our lives. We have to think carefully before we speak. We must choose our words carefully. We don’t have a licence for “uncensored freedom of speech”. Yes, we may be honest. We have to be honest, but we shouldn’t be rude or without love in the process. Then we only serve ourselves. Then we want to make our mark no matter what. God is not in favour of such honesty, and neither are other people.

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