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Banish laziness

Directly translated, an old Afrikaans proverb says: Laziness is a pillow for the devil’s ear. I don’t exactly know what an ear pillow is, I only know about the pillow I sleep on at night. But I do know that laziness means sitting around, doing nothing, full-time. Laziness is dangerous, because that is when you mess up. Or you start focussing on the mistakes of others. Being the victim of permanent laziness also has a name: foolishness. Proverbs 26:13 reveals one of the ‘clever’ excuses that fools use for their laziness – they do nothing because they think there is a lion in the street. Don’t follow their example! Follow Ecclesiastes 9:10 by doing what your hands find to do, every day, all day. Do something constructive every day to the glory of God and other people. Don’t simply sit and wait for better days. Create those better days yourself! Pray for a person in need. Banish laziness to the glory of God.

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