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Jesus is in the house, and so is his mercy!

Jesus taught many of His most important lessons about God’s kingdom in people’s homes. In Luke 5 we read how He visited a tax collector called Levi and dined with his friends at his house. They were unclean according to the religious rules of the day. But there at the dinner table they experienced God’s goodness first-hand. In Luke 7 we read about a broken woman who sheds the tears of her broken life at Jesus’ feet at a meal. She stormed in, uninvited, during the meal and fell down at Jesus’ feet. While the religious guests were extremely shocked about Jesus’ positive reaction to the woman, He forgave all her sins and sent her away in peace. Luke 10 also tells how Jesus taught Martha and Mary that living a life of abundance means resting at His feet. Jesus enjoyed spending time in the homes of sinners. Here ordinary people are noticed by God. Here they receive heavenly mercy. In the Christmas season of 2018 Jesus is in your home too, doing exactly the same. His mercy is also available in-house.

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