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The peace of Jesus happens in reverse

The Redeemer is here. We read this in the angel’s song to the shepherds in Luke 2. Their music loudly proclaims God’s peace over all the earth. This heavenly music of peace is based on the coming of the Child among us. That night, Bethlehem was the perfect address for God’s newest merciful treatment of humanity. In Jesus, a new route was opened amongst all the dead ends on earth. The angels knew it and the shepherds experienced it then and there. A different type of peace descended on us that night, a peace that wins hearts and lives. No, the type of peace that comes from heaven is never forced onto people through the barrel of a gun or by making a cross on a ballot. Nor is it dependent on negotiations by politicians, community leaders and church elders. It cannot happen that way. Jesus Himself wins people’s hearts and lives through His proximity. His peace always happens from the inside out. His majesty follows the paths of hearts and lives. Person by person and life by life peace happens on earth – Jesus’ type of peace! May you rediscover it in these days.

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