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The hit parades are not always the best place to hear the best music

If you only listen to the hit parades of the day, popular opinion will eventually dictate your taste. Our mass-produced world lets you believe that only “Top 20” music or only “MasterChef” food is worthwhile. Or that the number one film is always an Oscar-winning film. But sometimes the most valuable treasures are found on the quietest roads. This is definitely true on the Lord’s road. His biggest treasures lie hidden in the chapters and books of the Bible that no one ever reads. Everyone loves to read the top ten Bible texts of 2018, but the undiscovered gems are found in the quiet chapters of the Bible. Do read the popular Bible texts, but if you are after real spiritual growth, you have to learn to mine for heavenly gold. You have to learn to read wider from the Word. And to reflect on it day and night. Then the words of Psalm 1 will be true in your life – that you are a tree planted next to a water stream. Then you will bear fruit at the right time, fruit that God will be glad about.

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