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Beware of emergency prayers!

Emergencies teach prayer. This is a well-known saying, but is it true? Absolutely! Most people pray in times of need. Are emergency prayers good? Yes, as long as you are in an emergency. The problem is that emergency prayers work like a spare wheel. It is only used when you need it. It has to be taken off and replaced with a real wheel eventually. If emergency prayers teach you to pray, then you will always pray that way. Then your own circumstances and needs become the main focus of each prayer. Hidden instructions to God and endless requests to sort out all your crises will overshadow every prayer. Emergency prayers are meant for emergencies, not for everyday use. Always praying like you pray in an emergency, will rob you of a fulfilled life of prayer in God’s presence. Prayer means resting at the feet of the Lord. It is becoming still and waiting upon Him. It shifts your attention to God. Prayer is exalting Him and bringing the needs of others to Him. Real prayer frees you from yourself and all your needs.

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