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Live meaningfully, not just relevantly

“Relevance” is an over-used word in the church. It simply isn’t enough to be relevant only. Relevance should never be the end goal. Instead, the goal should be a meaningful way of life in service of the Lord. To love God with more than just words, is meaningful. To handle people with respect, is meaningful. To see the need of others and to do something concrete about it, is meaningful. To make peace between disputing parties in the Name of the Lord, is meaningful. To have a heart for the lost, strangers and misfits, is meaningful. To pray for people in need, as well as family, friends, colleagues, the church and the leaders of the country, is meaningful in the eyes of the Lord. To be charitable and live a simple life, is meaningful. To study the Bible regularly and to pray, is both compulsory and meaningful. So, how can you live a more meaningful life in honour of God within your own circumstances? Go do it, otherwise you miss out on yet another meaningful day.

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