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Time for a language lesson

Someone once said that he was deeply disappointed in me. When I asked him if he could change that to “shallowly disappointed” so that I at least have a chance to improve, he refused! Well, some people are simply deeply shocked, deeply hurt or deeply disillusioned. They may say that these are only expressions, but that isn’t completely true. All our words flow from the language storeroom of our hearts and minds. If our language has deteriorated so much that we can say anything without thinking first, it is time for a language change. How about a few Biblical language lessons:

  1. Ask God to put a permanent guard in front of your mouth, like Psalm 141:3. Then you will think before you speak.

  2. Know, with Proverbs 18:12, that hurtful words are like knives that can talk holes into another person. Immediately stop talking like this. It poisons you from the inside and hurts others.

  3. Know, with Proverbs 10:20, that encouraging words are like precious silver. Use this language. God is glad about it and it also frees you.

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