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God likes strange people

God concerns himself with strange people. The story of Israel conquering Jericho proves this. Moses sent ahead two spies to explore the area. In Jericho they ended up in the house of a sex worker named Rahab. When the king of Jericho heard about their presence, everyone was eager to help look for them. But Rahab hid them in her house. Three days later she lowered them down the city wall where her house was with a red rope. In return for saving their lives, the spies promised to save Rahab and her family when they attacked Jericho. God often works in such strange ways. He notices infamous people too. He saves them in unorthodox ways. Ask Rahab – she had nothing to lose, but everything to gain. And then she won exactly that! In fact, Rahab won so much that Jesus was one of her earthy descendants. We read this in the genealogy in Matthew 1. Talk about grace! Jesus was proud to have such a faithful heroine in his bloodline. The lesson: no-one has ever fallen too far for God to save him or her.

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