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Success isn’t synonymous with the colour of money

For as long as you understand success in terms of the colour of money, you’ll be a slave to it. Money is a hard master. If you choose to live for it full-time, it won’t share you with anyone else. The lives of people who are caught up in the claws of money focus only on what they drive, where they live, how much they earn. All these things define their lives. The whole idea of the Bible is that you won’t become a slave to such things. Ecclesiastes 5:7 says that the person who believes money is everything, will never have enough of anything. In Ecclesiastes 5:16-18 we hear that those who receive things from God, are as happy as can be. They enjoy the little (or the abundance) they receive as gifts from God and love to share it with others. They never belong to their belongings! For them, property is merely a source to be used for service. Well, we all have something to give away, because we have more than enough daily bread on our tables!

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