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You are more than your latest failure

You are not as bad as your most recent flop, life just has a way of convincing you it is true. Your last match, speech, lecture, report or achievement may determine your value in the eyes of other people, but God never treats you in the same way (even if people think He does). According to some people, your last sin determines whether He likes you, or not. Apparently, God’s feelings for us change from one sin to the next. Such opinions reduce sin to a few mistakes that God use to evaluate us and that determine His view of us. Fact: sin is firstly a breakdown in a relationship, not making mistakes. God sent Jesus to restore this relationship between Him and us. He doesn’t think of us in terms of our latest sins. He loves us regardless of our trespasses. No, He doesn’t want us to sin. In fact, He gave his Spirit to show us the way. But He loves us unconditionally.

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