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What is the purpose of if all?

“Everything has a reason.” Such expressions are often used on social media and in films, soap operas and even discussions. Yet people are often shocked to hear that this expression isn’t religious per se. Everyone, from New Agers to Hollywood, uses it. They believe there is some or other impersonal, or in the case of religious people godly, cause for everything, regardless of whether it is good or bad. Apparently, it “helps” them to stop thinking about good and bad. Paul follows another route in Romans 8:35-39. He doesn’t give a rational answer to the question on the purpose of life, but a relational one. He writes that nothing on this earth can separate us from the love of Christ. To confirm this, he names all the possible things that could have the power to do this: evil powers, death, life, suffering, resistance, persecution, murder... Then Paul says nothing can separate us from the love of God in Jesus Christ. Our comfort lies therein that Christ is with us in everything. Our relationship with Him is strong everywhere and always, no matter what happens. Faith is about a relationship – a living one!

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