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Build on the real Rock

Even though you don’t know what tomorrow holds, you do know Who to hold onto. You also know Who holds you. This is why we don’t live in reverse gear. You are not a prisoner of your own emotions. You know that when tomorrow comes, God will be there. He will show up just like He did today and every day in the past. God will be on time for every day that carries the name “today”. No day given to you by life will slip His notice. He will never be absent on your path. He who is also your Father through Jesus, will never be too busy with other important issues when you cry out to Him. It didn’t happen yesterday, and it will also not happen tomorrow. God holds you in the palm of His hand. Your times, seasons and years matter to Him. Your life has eternal value. Start today and tomorrow with a happy heart and your hand securely in His. Then you build your house on an eternal Rock. No storm wind will blow you off of your path.

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