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The Bible makes us warm, not cold!

On the Sunday that Jesus rose from the dead, he walked to a little town named Emmaus with two people. We read in Luke 24:13-25 that after Jesus dined with them and then disappeared, the baffled travellers said to each other: “Did our hearts not burn when He talked to us on the road and opened Scripture for us?” Jesus lets the Bible burn in the right way. He opens the Scripture. And yet many people prefer to do it themselves. They take the Bible out of His hands. This is why the Bible leaves so many people cold. They know which verses work for them personally and which ones belong in the museum of “old-fashioned wisdom”. They are smarter than the Bible. They only open it when it suits them and only take what makes sense for them. How different things wouldn’t be if Jesus could open up the Bible for all of us! Then the heavenly fire will make us pure again. Then we will live out of the Bible like the travellers of Emmaus did. Then it won’t simply be a “go-to” book when it suits us.

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